Looking at the world through my ocean

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h: 50 w: 80 d: 3 (cms).

The painting "Looking at the world through your ocean" (oil on canvas, 50x80 cm) was painted during the quarantine period, in April 2020, the first sketches were made in February 2020, and the idea arose much earlier.
We humans, especially residents of big cities, love to plan. Everyone has a plan for a week, a month, a year, and more. The schedule can be so tight that we do not have time to think: "Who am I, and who are these people around?" Waking up early, jogging / exercising - breakfast in a cafe, meetings, work, dinner in a restaurant, cinema, sleep, and the circle is endless.
Now, suddenly, it turned out so that suddenly there is no need to run anywhere. We are closed within the walls of our home with family, children, and most unexpectedly, with ourselves. And we swim in what we created. You cannot leave, run away, you cannot betray responsibilities: there is only what you have prepared, to communicate with those who are nearby, to look the way you really are and experience what you have accumulated in your head and heart. This vacuum reveals the truth from which it was so easy to hide in the hustle and bustle of the standard schedule. Time to look at yourself, dive to the very depths of your ocean. The time when you are seen through the thickness of this water, as through a lens. It's time to think, work, get better.


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Bellis perennis (Margaritka)

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Oil, acrylic

h: 50 w: 50 d: 3 (cms).

"Margaritka (Bellis Perennis)" is an ordinary life story. Mom and daughter,  the circle of life. Mom looks at her daughter with tenderness, in her eyes intertwined joy and sadness. She knows that life can be different. The daughter looks at the viewer from the picture. In mothers hand is a flower, it’s a daisy(Bellis Perennis that is called Margaritka in Russian), the girl’s name is Margarita, and her mother is me.


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