April, 2020

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coloured pencils on paper

h: 55 w: 75 (cms).

This drawing is a  attempt to depict our new and strange times as my daugther sits waiting  for what life has in store in our new normal. The Lockdown has helped me to re-evaluate the importance of the people I love and during this time I have been remembering, recording and celebrating the small and seemingly insignificant actions we perform everyday, like sitting on the sofa and waiting for something to happen. These months I have been thinking  about my artistic practice and my motivations to create art and this has confirmed my intent to represent women  in their moments of strength as well as of weakness and doubt. The use of coloured pencils is a deliberate act to use this domestic medium to reflect the domesticity of the setting and also to indulge in the brilliancy of the dry pigments.


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