'Content to be at home'

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Oil on wood

h: 69 w: 69 d: 4 (cms).

Just before lockdown, I began a series of work entitled 'A moment in time' in which I decided to focus on life centred around the home. As a landscape artist, once lockdown was in place I found myself lacking the freshness and inspiration of being able to be out walking in the countryside I particularly love and so it was a great opportunity to develop this new 'indoor' theme. 

The subject choices are not necessarily centred around my own home but are collections of images and moments that I have observed in homes and houses of all styles, sometimes noticing the patterns and other times recording lovely items or arrangements that appeal.

This is framed in a soft white frame and is unglazed.


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'Spring arose on the garden fair'

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Mixed media

h: 48 w: 53 d: 4 (cms).

Daffodils bring such hope and joy and this painting was one of the first in my new series 'A moment in time' which I developed during the lockdown as being confined to home meant finding new inspiration for my subject matter. It is painted in acrylic with the introduction of some collage and charcoal.

The picture has a narrow mount around it and is included in the given measurement.

£500 (Unframed)

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