Raya from the 'Still Life in Quarantine' series

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oil and acrylic on canvas

h: 120 w: 120 d: 4 (cms).

My work draws inspiration from the relations and conflicts between the individual and his spatial environment, society and its surroundings.
I use various supports and mediums to document and explore the cultural and social changes happening around me. As I absorb narratives and imageries from my surroundings and fuse them into my practice, some pieces are highly personal and come from my own stories and experiences.

Lately the world has been put on hold with the Covid19 crisis. Time has been paused, and I found myself looking with fresh eyes at my immediate surroundings, people and objects alike. During lockdown I started wandering into the complexities of interior and exterior life, constancy and change, hence the portraits’ paintings from the ‘Still life in quarantine’ series.

I tried to convey the atmosphere of time being frozen as the people around me were dealing with confinement. It was interesting to see how time itself can be stretched enough to hold a person and freeze it in a ‘still life’ genre painting.

£10500 (Unframed)

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