Wait (Why Am I Talking)

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Ceramic Stoneware

h: 25 w: 23 d: 15 (cms).

This piece is created using handbuilding techniques of pinching and coiling. It is fired to a stoneware temperature of 1236 degrees celsuis and is coloured with oxides, stains, and glazes. The surface is carved in some areas when the clay is semi-hard.

The concept and motivation for the work comes from an ongoing exploration of how humans communicate - with each other and with ourselves. I am interested by the extent to which a dominant ideology can influence our way of being in the world, and how it may be possible to alter our patterns of communication by cultivating an awareness of the power of words. It also speaks of the otherness of 'wild' creatures who are alive to each other in ways we can only observe from the outside.


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