Sitting Dancer

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Bronze Resin and powder coated mild steel.

h: 114 w: 64 d: 25 (cms).

Sitting Dancer - a kinetic piece which gently rotates when touched or blown by the wind. Her graceful movement catches the eye and provides a focal point wherever she is hanging. This piece would be suitable for inside (in a stairwell or niche) or outside in a tree or on her dedicated stand (which can be purchased separately).

This captures a quiet moment between the intensity of gruelling training sessions… Lost in her thoughts on the swing, we see this dancer’s slim yet resilient body and immensely powerful legs, witness to years of dedication, training and discipline giving her a combination of delicacy and massive strength to interpret her art.

£2700 (Unframed)

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Iron resin and steel

h: 80 w: 37 d: 27 (cms).

This piece, moulded from a piece of New Zealand drift wood, celebrates the circle of life. Fallen from the tree, swallowed up by the sea, then washed up on the shore… Sent in a container half way round the world, found by me, then transformed by making a cast of the wood into iron resin.

It tells the story of metamorphosis, juxatoposing rusty iron and smooth shiny steel to reflect its long journey of transformation from an dead piece of wood to a new piece of art. 

The waters of New Zealand link this piece with my other work “Whale Rider” also showing here.


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