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Bronze, 9ct Gold, Sterling silver, oil paint, Cotton, wood and organic elements.

h: 14 w: 26 d: 23 (cms).

The Three Treasures or Three Jewels are basic virtues in Taoism and Chinese Buddhism.

The artist has recreated The Three Treasures in the form of jewel-like eggs. The work, constructed in bronze and precious metals, is hand painted and finished as a naturalistic representation in acrylic oil, with interwoven cotton, and natural elements. 

The work examines human perception, belief and expectation.

Eggs recreated from the genus of the distinctive, Song Thrush. (Turdus philomelos)

The Three Treasures - W. 26 D. 23 x H. 14 cms. 

Bronze, (Selenium & Copper) Acrylic Oil, Sterling Silver, 9ct gold thread, interwoven cotton, wood and natural elements. 


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A Punnet with Blackberries

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Bronze, Painted. (Copper and Selenium) Oil paint, Epoxy lacquer.

h: 9 w: 12 d: 15 (cms).

This work, A Punnet with Blackberries, considers modern visual misrepresentation juxtaposing the delicate light weight aesthetic of a punnet of fresh fruits.  The objective, to recreate an identical, naturalistic representation of a quintessentially English summer, but cast in bronze and hand coloured in oils and acrylic paint. The work revealing its secret only when moved.


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The Bramble

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Bronze (copper and Selenium) - patinated

h: 26 w: 30 d: 1 (cms).

A work that examines structure,texture and natural vulnerability.


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