Ribbon Dancer

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Bronze Resin

h: 50 w: 30 d: 18 (cms).

Ribbon dancer is waiting for the moment to express her freedom and dance letting her soul shine through.  She is captured in that fleeting moment of calm with the light reflecting from the stainless steel ribbon around her.




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Bronze resin

h: 95 w: 40 d: 30 (cms).

The feeling of waking up to a brand new day, everything is looking good and falling into place, that before the first cup of coffee moment when you don't even think of what may happen your just enjoy the first blissful moment with a grateful heart.



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Edge of Beauty

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Aluminium resin & stainless steel

h: 64 w: 69 d: 22 (cms).

Inspired by Art Deco Edge of Beauty is contemplating all the good moments in life.  Laying on stainless steel creates movement as it is not static.




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