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h: 108 w: 78 d: 1 (cms).

«Praying»is a masterpiece of portrait. The work successfully portrays the image of a kind mother, whose face is solemn and sincere, hands clasped in prayer. With a realistic approach, the artist tries to achieve an ingenious combination of the rich inner feelings and the composed appearance of the characters. The accurate depiction of the central canthus, lip of the face, the wrinkles and other emotional parts of the portrait achieves a verve state, fully displaying the mother's a benevolent and kind countenance.

In terms of composition, the artist chooses a half-side bust and creates a pyramid form with his head and hands, making the picture more dignified and stable. On mother's face and her hands, brought by the vicissitudes of life, show the devoted heart and the great love under the oracular light. The artist's virtuosity and his keen observation of nature captured the moment.  In today's world, people are seriously disturbed by the crona virus and the pressure of normal life, the mother's prayer is more meaningful, filled with the love of redemption, pray for the health and safety of people all over the world!


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