Time passing swiftly like flowing

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oil on linen

h: 138 w: 100 d: 3 (cms).

The oil painting "Time passing swiftly like flowing" uses a combination of concrete and abstract expressive realism, depicting my deep aftertaste of the years. Just as the water seems to keep it flowing in front of your eyes, it is constantly changing but normal. Even if its clarity is not as clear as before, you can't perceive it. It reflects the human heart, the infinite space behind you, it softens the harsh edges and corners of the world, and dilutes the jerky aftertaste in life. It is too light to be weighed, but bears the weight of life and heads to the end. As the years go by, the work "Like Water Flowing Years" is to express this kind of artistic conception. The rain seems to wash away the inner peace, calmness, and emotional warmth of the people in the painting after experiencing many changes in the world.


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