YouTube II

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Rollerball pen on canvas textured paper

h: 24 w: 37 d: 1 (cms).

While my attention was occupied by explicit YouTube videos of the poultry industry my drawings morphed into doodles. Bringing a flow to the paper, the unconscious and the illogical connected myself and my doodle to the moving image of the horrific content presented. 


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black pen on napkin

h: 180 w: 168 d: 17 (cms).

I made this work while watching online recordings of worldwide equality movement triggered by brutal killing of Afro-american George Floyd, of which recording went viral.

Drawing while watching video news online is now my predominant way of working. Here, I drew the impressions of images taken from online videos of events following George's death, specifically the protests against racial inequality. 

Through creating drawing's traces and by tearing and sewing pieces together, I was looking to create work that will make viewers stop and think about prejudice and discrimination in society today, so often concealed.

£860 (Unframed)

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