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Egg tempera on board (framed)

h: 33 w: 27 d: 4 (cms).

I began making this piece during the Australian forest fires, I found myself glued to the tv, streaming live updates via YouTube news feeds... the world feels somewhat smaller these days, it was as if I was watching it all burn.

By the time I’d finished the piece the focus of the news had already shifted over to a new threat ... mass hysteria was ensuing ... the world was ending yet again and we get to watch it all unfold on tv once more.


This is what my latest self portrait portrays... the detached feeling of horror you get when witnessing real world events unfold at a great distance. 


Despite painting the piece at a time when I had a rather bleak outlook on it all once I released it into the world someone remarked on how the reflections appeared to be a rainbow ... this was not necessarily my intention but I do like that a scrap of hope was found in this painting of mine.


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