Made in Britain

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2b pencil and Sumi Ink on Dessin paper

h: 51 w: 38 (cms).

This drawing was created during the lockdown period, during this time my drawing practice faltered and stalled as my family needed me. I turned to using ink, a medium unfamiliar to me but gave quick, bold results and I started drawing the plants around me. I formed a new practice out of necessity but found that the medium echoed how I felt during this time, I had to learn acceptance and patience. This drawing was made to reflect my time consuming, controlled previous practice in pencil and the emerging practice of uncontrollable ink. The saucepan and spoon symbolise not only the overwhelming press of domestic duties during this time as a mother but also the NHS clapping. The plants represent the United Kingdom, Rose (England), Leek (Wales), Thistle (Scotland) and Clover (Ireland). I intend the viewer to reflect upon how we are together and unified through this pandemic but kept apart through borders and the unseen danger.


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