Traces of a City

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Oil Paint on Paper

h: 60 w: 84 d: 1 (cms).

Louise Hardy’s fascination with the River Thames and London’s emerging skyline has been a constant theme in her paintings. Previously made in situ, she now uses as a starting point found aerial imagery of cities cleaved in two by the meanders of great rivers. This semi-abstract work is filled with a jumble of architectural topography and unsettlingly, emptied of people.

This tilted, vertiginous perspective invites the viewer to soar above but at the same time, be mesmerizingly drawn in. Hardy’s meticulous process of translucent layering speaks of her love of paint and a physicality that leaves a history of mark-making and experiment. The work is intended to be uplifting and evocative, its colours saturated and luminous but whose transient atmosphere threatens, as if a storm might be just about to break on the horizon.


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