Behind the Clown Paint

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oil on linen

h: 34 w: 29 d: 5 (cms).


Behind the Paint is a theme that I began in 2014 and focuses on the masks and disguises people have, as either pseudo or assumed barriers. The theme developed from my sideline business of face painting, which evolved from a love of face painting my own children. Having two boys with Autism Spectrum Condition I discovered that they found disguises a helpful tool which displaced themselves from the world around. They always enjoy dressing up and these other personas fascinate me. I was keen to see how much of the original character remains when protected by a guise, and whether I could still paint that person behind the paint.


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Personal Space - Eye Level

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oil on canvas

h: 60 w: 152 d: 4 (cms).

Personal Space is a body of work that explores individuals set appart in crowds or social situations.  It seeks to investigate the notion awkwardness, especially of younger people, in a crowd. I am captivated when I see someone who doesn’t quite belong, or stands alone amongst others for a variety of reasons, and I seek to communicate this in the body of work entitled Parsonal Space. 


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