A pair of Sunflowers

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Conte pastel, various pencils, colour pencils, watercolour, acrylic gouach, acrylics, soft pastels, oil pastels

h: 28 w: 38 (cms).

This painting is a perfect example of how a piece of art can interact and touch people, unveiling so many different emotions depending on who the viewer is and the history each person holds in their personal life. For me and so many others, Sunflowers may represent sunshine, happiness and a burst of life - they were my wedding flowers. For others, it can affect and touch them differently. One of my close friends spotted the painting drip and expressed how it hit a nerve with her. She called it 'The Crying Sunflower' and loved it at the same time. The Sunflowers were her sister's favourite flower and for that reason, everyone brought a Sunflower to her funeral.

For me, this is what painting is all about and what is close to my heart. How art can connect and communicate with people in so many different ways. This is such a unique and expressive privilege.

£550 (Unframed)

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