'If you like what I have done'

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acrylic with silk screen print

h: 76 w: 76 d: 5 (cms).

This artwork is painted and silk screen printed in layers on canvas. It tells the story of JMW Turner hoping to sell 'Forum Romanum' to Sir John Soane, specifically to go in his newly built museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields. My intention was to make it look as if Turner himself had handwritten on the canvas. I've also included in slightly larger print Turner's elegant signature in red. The title of this work 'If you like what I have done' is a quote taken from one of Turner's letters included in the painting. Seen from a distance individual words cannot be easily deciphered and the overall impression is of superimposed curtains of calligraphic marks on a veiled background, the writing occupying an indeterminate space. Close up the words are clear enough to make out and you can see the handwriting's personality or read it for sense. The letters are a reminder of Turner's voice. In the background is a 1799 map of Turner's London in gold, and the letters between the two men in different colours, including Soane's bank draft for £525 duly paid, in it's original colour of pale purple. Due to a disagreement Turner posted the bank draft back in disgust and the painting like 'The Fighting Temeraire' was never sold. It now hangs in the Clore Gallery at the Tate.


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