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Fabriano Paper, Pencil, Watercolour, Carbon Paper

h: 87 w: 68 d: 3 (cms).

Watercolour on Fabriano Paper, float mounted in a box frame.

A 140 miniature, watercolour studies with expressive mark-making through carbon paper. This work takes you on a journey with your eye darting from chapter to chapter. The simple line giving the viewer just a hint of the journey. 

I was going to tell you where my journey is but actually I think it’s more interesting for you to work it out…. I’m dyslexic so hate writing descriptions about my work. Here's a quote that was said about this painting and sums up what i'm trying to say perfectly  -  “Beautiful. I love the economic use of line and colour to say so much. It is beautifully calm and unfussy” - Steve Geliot

£600 (Unframed)

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