The last eyes they see.

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h: 60 w: 45 d: 1 (cms).

Steve Vale works as an Operating department Practitioner usually in the main operating theatres for the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust. However during the pandemic he has been part of the rapid response emergency anaesthetic team. He says that he has always taught it but it is now incredibly important to realise that the face (albeit masked) but more importantly the voice as it is the last thing the patients may ever hear. They also make frequent trips to ICU to assist with the car of those patients.

I had to work from a photo that Steve took of himself at work, due to being in the throws of lockdown. It was such a powerful image that it made cry when I first saw it. Steve has the most amazing eyes which show such compassion, I couldn't help but wonder how many poor souls had not survived this horrible virus and who did see those eyes and hear his voice for a final time. I was also struck by the light in the background that looked just like a halo. Very appropriate for all that have literally put their lives at risk for us in these trying times.


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