Andy, Eating

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Oil on Canvas

h: 70 w: 70 d: 1 (cms).

My current work expands on themes that I have explored throughout my career. 'Andy, Eating' builds on the ideas of non verbal communication and the senses. I am interested in how we interact with the world around us, specifically connected to the ideas of societal norms and expectations. By taking a mundane act like eating and elevating it to oil painting status, I wish to focus you on an individual’s actions. The background melts away, the foreground abstracts; this mark making shows us that the person is key as the extra day-to-day details wash away. I research, question and think a lot about the difficulty of communication and, in making paintings, try to capture tensions between our inner selves versus what is represented to others. I want the viewer to connect emotionally to the painted people; painting allows the concrete to become secondary to hard-to-say thoughts and feelings. It allows space to explore absurdities of our everyday behaviours. When we speak we externalise internal thoughts aiming for shared intersubjectivity; a painting becomes another mode of communication reaching for this shared intersubjectivity. Whilst visually my work varies, the themes of information processing and human interactions are a consistent feature.



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